Photography For Pets and Their Families. 

Special Project of your pet(s)   $100 includes one digital image of your project.   We will work together to get exactly what your dream image is. 

Pet with full family session $125 Includes about 12 edited images delivered digitally. 

Something special?    Contact me.  

**At this time I am not accepting clients looking for images to stud or breed their dogs,  I also do not accept clients looking for images of their new puppies to sell.   I understand people love specific breeds, and there are good breeders out there.   I am not anti pure breed at all. I am just pro shelter and rescue.    Thank you for your understanding.  

Mini:  just my pet  (no humans) session  $50  Includes 5 edited, digital images delivered digitally.  

Shelters and Rescues.    As a member of Hearts Speak I donate my time to help overlooked pets get some well deserved attention.    Please contract me if you have rescue and could use my services.   Always free.  

Pet & Human Session $100 includes about 12 edited images delivered digitally.