You don't have to have a perfectly behaved pet to have a successful pet photography session.   

I use a special approach to make sure your session is fun and easy and no pets are stressed.  

We'll  meet at a quiet, public park and all pets stay on leashes with you right by them the entire time.  

 I carefully edit you and the leashes out in post processing.

 I have several tricks to get your best friend to be interested in me so I can get the perfect photo.     

After your session, you will receive a  link to a digital gallery of your final, edited images.  

My web site is set to allow you to order professional prints if you prefer.   You will have 30 days to place your order.  

This transaction is directly between you and MPix.    

After Editing: 

When you have more that one pet, I capture the image one at a time, then carefully merge them in post processing, so you have a perfect image of your entire pack.  

Before Editing:

          Each photo I deliver will be edited with great detail.  Ready for printing and hanging.